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(= materialize) a little something is sure to turn up → irgendetwas passiert schon; matters have a pattern of turning up → irgendwie findet sich alles; it’s awesome how factors change up → es ist manchmal erstaunlich, wie sich die Dinge finden

four. 1's opportunity or duty (to accomplish, have and so on some thing shared by numerous folks). It truly is your transform to choose a document; You will have to attend your change in the bathroom. beurt دَوْر ред vez řada die Reihe tur σειράturno kord نوبت vuoro tourתור crimson, redosljed (következés:) rajtad a sor giliran tækifæri, skipti turno 順番 차례 eilė kārta; rinda giliran beurttur, omgangkolej نوبت vez rând очередь rad, poradie (biti) na vrsti za crimson tur หน้าที่ sıra, yapma sırası (依次輪流的)順次,輪到 черга باري lượt (依次轮流的)顺次,轮到

vt sep she turned in her toes as she walked → sie lief nach innen, sie lief über den großen Onkel (inf); to turn during the ends of a little something → die Enden von etw umschlagen

Change the cake the proper way up on to your wire rack → Retournez le gâteau du bon côté sur une grille.

adjust - undergo a adjust; become various in essence; dropping 1's or its original nature; "She changed entirely as she grew more mature"; "The temperature adjusted past night time"

= come to be → werden; to turn traitor → zum Verräter werden; Paul Crooks, an actor turned director, … → der Regisseur Paul Crooks, ein ehemaliger Schauspieler, …; he started to switch uncomfortable → er wurde unangenehm or ungemütlich; to turn nasty/violent → unangenehm/gewalttätig werden; to turn purple (leaves and great site many others) → sich rot fileärben; (man or woman: = blush) → rot werden; (site visitors lights) → auf Rot umspringen; it has a short while ago turned chilly → es ist vor Kurzem kalt geworden; he has just turned 18 → er ist gerade 18 geworden; it's got turned 2 o’clock → es ist two Uhr vorbei

a revolving gate which makes it possible for only one person to pass at any given time, normally just after payment of entrance fees and many others. There's a turnstile at the doorway to your soccer floor. draaihek, personeelhek بَوّابَه دَوّارَه въртележка torniquete / roleta turniket das Drehkreuz tælleapparat περιστροφική πόρτα torniquete pöördvärav, pöörduks درب چرخنده؛ نردۀ گردان kääntöportti tourniquet מַחֲסוֹם מִסתוֹבֵב चक्करदार दरवाज़ा rampa na ulazu forgósorompó pintu putar kross-/hverfigrind, hverfihlið tornella 回り木戸 회전식 십자문 turniketas, sukamieji varteliai turnikets lawang putar draaihekdreiekors, telleapparatkołowrót, rogatka څرخیدونکی دروازه torniquete resource uşă treatment se roteşte (la intrarea într-o clădire) турникет turniket vrtljiva vrata pokretna vratanca vändkors, spärr ทางเข้าที่มีแกนหมุนให้ผ่านได้ทีละคน turnike (入口處的)十字轉門 турнікет باڑ، چکر دروازہ cửa quay (入口处的)旋转式栅门

= shape Wooden → drechseln; metallic, pot → drehen; a properly-turned sentence → ein gut formulierter Satz; a effectively-turned leg → ein wohlgeformtes Bein

change - form by rotating over a lathe or slicing product or even a wheel; "turn the legs of your desk"; "convert the clay about the wheel"

modify state, transform - bear a transformation or a alter of look at these guys place or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The persons turned in opposition to the President when he stole the election"

(inf) it had been an actual turn → das hat einem die Lust verdorben; hairy armpits are the last word change for me → bei Haaren unter den Achseln hörts bei mir auf (inf)

turn - induce to vary or grow to be something distinct;suppose new traits; "The princess turned the frog right into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists attempted to turn guide into gold"

2. To alter or Handle the functioning of (a mechanical system, such as) by the use of a rotating or identical movement: turned the iron to a hotter placing.

revolve, rotate, go close to - turn on or all around an axis or simply a Heart; "The Earth revolves across the Sun"; "The lamb roast rotates over a spit about the hearth"

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